Software to analyze your pay per click key words before you purchase per per click advertizing

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New Product Traffic Analyzer

  • Owned by Primedia -
  • Shows ranking of key term at time of bid placement
  • If your listing is in the top 5, your link also appears on's GuideSites
  • Additional Keyword Distribution agreements with such partners as,,, and
  • Content-Targeted distribution through and areas within Netscape, CompuServe, and the AOL® Instant Messenger™ Service.
  • You can buy PPC listings within content pages on premiere sites like, and other reputable sites with their ContentSprinks™ product (These listings are not spawned by search, they live on content pages and appear when users reach their destination site.)
  • Every change is reviewed for relevancy
  • You can also buy PPC listings within opt-in email newsletters with their unique DirectSprinks™ product.
  • Nonrefundable initial deposit of $50 (entire amount goes toward clicks)
  • $0.05 minimum keyword bid (i.e. "dogs") and a $0.20 minimum bid for ContentSprinks™ and DirectSprinks™ (i.e. "") hear what they have to say
  • Updates on mass keyword submissions can occur twice a week. Average turnaround time is 1 day per 10,000 listings.
  • Changes to site title, site description and URL takes some time (due to the reviewing process - commits to a 3-day turnaround on ad reviewing)

"Recommended" - Based on a good amount of qualified traffic through's GuideSites, plus affiliate distribution partners like,,,, and ...and still, fairly low bids. has recently released a new version... In this version you can now:

- Select how many listings appear on their Manage Bids page and change all bids to a fixed bid amount.

- Added a "Make #1" button which allows you to place a listing in the #1 position

- A clearly laid out difference between ContentSprinks™ and keyword listings in the new interface

- There is a ContentSprinks™ chooser where advertisers can view all available topics (over 1400) and select only the topics appropriate (you can buy ContentSprinks™ topics at 3 levels: Channel, Section and Subject).

- You can can choose to buy DirectSprinks™ from the inventory of 70 DirectSprinks™ topics from within the ContentSprinks chooser

Plus better reporting, real-time billing, status indicators which allows you to quickly to see whether your listings are live (Active), pending editorial review (In Review) or whether you need to altogether resubmit a listing (Rejected) and a Character Count tool - counts the characters as you write.

Owned by, is one of the most effective pay per click search engines.... but only if you can foot the initial $50 deposit.

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