The 3 Easy Steps To Choose The Right Table Clothes

The table clothes or table covers are important to make your occasion more classy and also looks neat. Without the table clothes, the table of a wedding or party will looks dull and boring. In order to help you to choose the correct the table clothes for your occasion, here are the 3 easy steps to do it :

1. Choose the suitable clothes for the right occasion

Each occasion has its own table cloth. For the wedding ceremony, it’s recommended for you to choose the table clothes with the long drop, while for the birthday party, it’s recommended for you to choose the short one.

2. Measure your table cloth

There is an easy way to measure the table cloth. You just need to measure the size of the table itself. This way, you can measure the right size quickly and accurately.

3. Calculate the proper size

The circular table is easier to measure due to its shape. You just need to draw a line from the center of the circle, while the rectangular one needs more complex measurement in order to figure out the right length for its drop.

a. Rectangular table

Add twice the drops length and width. If your table is 40″ wide x 70″ long, you’ll need the 6″ drop.

b. Circular table

To calculate the size of the circular table drop is very simple. You just need to double the size of the table’s diameter. Then the doubled size is the right length of the drops that you desired.

We hope this info could help you to find the right table cloth that you desired. Not only that the table clothes could make your party will become fancier, it’s also could be used for many parties if you keep them safely away from the elements that could degrade their qualities.

Tips To Buy A Printed Tents

When you are going to join an event and represent your product or your company there, you’ll definitely need one or two printed tents to make a stand there. There are so many companies which be able to produce various printed tents. You should pick the one that the best for you but also suitable for your budget and needs. In order to help you to choose the right printed tents company, here are the tips to choose a well custom printed tents.

1. Choose your prints

Sometimes, it could be confusing to choose the printing due to many options for it, especially for the ones who ordered it for the first time. You should learn about the definitions of these paintings : screen print, digital print, and many others. For the example, the digital printing is recognized for its great details and color gradients. While the screen printing has the lesser quality but also relatively cheap.

2. The frame and fabric choices

The canopy of your fabric is the most important part of your tent. You’ll definitely want your tent to survive many events for many years. You should ask some important question to the merchant about the canopy of your tents before you start to order. This way, you can make sure that you’re going to get the one with good materials that could last long and be able to resist harsh element and weather. You’ll be able to show off your logo on your tent for a long time.

3. The logo placement

It is completely up to you to where you should put your logo on the spaces of the canopy. This is a good method for you to fit your budget and also fit the spaces for the event. If your business has shot on the budget, it’s recommended for you to just printed the logo just on the one side of the canopy instead on the all of the four sides. Fortunately, most events only allow the visitor to visit the tents from the front anyway.

4. Long-term maintenance

You should think carefully about where you’re going to store your tent. If you store the tent correctly, not only that your tent will last long, it will also be able to fulfill your investment over and over again.

5. Warranty

It’d be the best for you to only order and buy your tent from the merchants who provide you with warranty. Not only that will indicate whether this merchant is real or fraud, it will also help you to ensure your investment will be able to last long.

The Most Common Use Of The Custom Flags

There are many ways to use the custom flags. They could be used to marketing your business, company, or some foundation. They also could designate certain areas such as rings for a tournament or a music stage on a festival. They’re also very useful to attract the crowds of an event to come to your stand. Although usually a flag is being used once a year for the annual event, it should be designed to easy to store and also could resist the elements that could degrade the quality of the flag so it could be used again and again for a long period of time. The flags on the trade shows usually have two purposes, such as bringing attention to your booth and also reaching the potential clients for the business.

The custom flag could really help you to advertise your business if it’s well designed. Just make sure that your flag has bright colors and also simple. A flag with more than two colors is usually considered confusing. Make sure that your flag meets the requirements of the area where your business takes place. A flag for your office could symbolize and communicate your company visions and missions to the staff and clients, whether it’s inside or outside of your corporate office. We hope this info would help you to understand about the common use of the custom flags.

Simple Ways To Make A Banner Using The Photoshop ( 7 steps)

There are various methods for making the advertising flags and banners that you can learn. Some people are choosing the Photoshop, adobe illustrator, and many other design applications. However, for the people who have short on the budget, they may choose the Microsoft paint or the Microsoft power point. Unfortunately, even though you can design your banner with these Paint and PowerPoint, their on screen and printed quality won’t be as good as with the Photoshop. Here are the 7 steps using the Photoshop :

1. create your file document

Set the size of your banner, the standard of the size of a full banner is 448 by 60 pixels.

2. choose the background color

Define your background color, fill the background of the banner with the suitable color for your company or website design.

3. make a new layer

You’re going to fill the banner with more and richer colors to help strengthen the text and logo of your banner. Just make sure that they will be proportional to the size of the banner itself.

4. put your logo

Let’s open the logo file, copy and also paste it to the banner document where it should have appeared as a new layer.

5. add your business, company, or web name

You can start to select the text tool, pick one of the fonts, and also resize the text of your banner.

6. add some extra element on it (optional)

Add some lines or ornaments if necessary.

7. Finishing touch

Check all the details, revise it if you need to, then save the file.